4 ideas for inexpensive Holiday gifts


Image credit: Allrecipes.com (left) & Pinterest.com (right)

Wow, the holidays seem to have snuck up on us once again! The Christmas music is playing full-time on the radio, and I am crossing my Christmas gifts off my list. Today’s post will explain how to give Holiday gifts even on a tiny income.

1.Make the gifts. If you are especially creative, you can easily sew or craft something for $10 or less for someone special in your life. For a while, I was a knitter. When my  niece was born I knit several baby wash cloths for her. These cost only around $10-15, including the cost of the yarn and the knitting needles. Plus my sister loved them! Another great idea is to layer cookie batter ingredients in a glass mason jar and top it with a bow. Make sure to include the recipe with these gifts!

2.Save up credit card rewards points and or Swagbucks/Ebates rewards in order to give gift cards to your friends and family. I don’t know about you, but I LOVE gift cards. My credit card, AAA Mastercard allows me to get Visa gift cards or a variety of other gift cards, including Starbucks. Gift cards make great gifts, especially when you are low on funds, and you can earn them using credit card rewards and or Swagbucks/Ebates. Alternatively, you can save up your Amazon.com gift cards and purchase gifts using these. You can send the gifts directly to the person receiving the gift or gift them in person.

3.Growing up, my mom always bought things on sale and stowed them in a gift closet. This is easy to do, especially with items like candles. Or you can re-gift something that’s been sitting around your house or apartment (books or candles, if they’re unused, make great choices).

4.Offer your services. Oftentimes stressed-out parents, spouses, friends and family appreciate these types of gifts. Offer to shovel your best friend’s driveway, or make a homemade dinner for your parents’ anniversary. Or babysit someone’s kids for free so they can go on a date night. Cook a delicious meal for your significant other, and put on Netflix. Offer a coupon book for a loved one, and include coupons for things like massages. This works well for significant others. Get creative.


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