Extreme Gratitude


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This has been a year of lots of ups and downs. I lost my full-time job in January, 2016. It was a shock to my system, but it was also something I saw coming. Since then lots of good things have happened for me during the past year. Some of these amazing things are listed below:

  1. I traveled to California last March to see my sister, mom and niece. My mom and I went to Yosemite National Park and it was AMAZING. I see now why Ansel Adams and John Muir fell in love. I’m itching to go back!
  2. I moved in with my boyfriend in April, and things are good. We are growing together every day, and I am truly grateful to have found my life’s partner.
  3. I celebrated my 40th birthday with my fiancée in April. We went to the Bahamas for 2 nights on my first cruise. It was fun!
  4. I got a part-time library contract job in May, and though it was temporarily suspended for a month and half, I got an email from my old boss last night. She wants me to start back next week!
  5. In May I flew home to upstate New York for a visit with friends and family.
  6. I got engaged in June. My boyfriend bought me a new bike as an engagement present. We are recycling my grandmother’s engagement ring.
  7. In July I took a part-time library position at a private nursing school. I recently received a raise and will be moving to full-time hours next year!
  8. I took a writing class from UC Berkeley Extension online this fall, and I just found out my final grade is an A. I’m scheduled to take more classes next spring!
  9. I toyed with the idea of monetizing this blog, but I’m going to return it back to its roots – a fun place to write.
  10. I paid for a brand new writer’s website, which is live at lisamwrites.com. So far I have one assignment that I successfully pitched for xoJane. To say I’m super excited is an understatement!
  11. With the addition of my contract position I will be bumping up my Roth IRA contributions again next year. Yay!
  12. My mom visits for Christmas next week and we’re planning a trip to Miami to visit with my fiancée’s family.

I am truly blessed. Merry Christmas everyone! Happy 2017!



One thought on “Extreme Gratitude

  1. Wow, great idea to write out all the positives that happened during the year. Really inspiring, and I bet your 2017 is going to be great! Congrats on your engagement, raise, and moving in to your full time position! The future is bright!

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