Going through a mini depression

I have been pushed too far in my current job, and am going through a mini depression. I am off work today, and will also be out tomorrow. The unfortunate thing is that I don’t get paid for either day. Oh well. I am supposed to work next Monday, but I may not go in. Also, I will be out next week for vacation, so I’m relieved about that.

About a month ago I took on a teaching position at the institute where I currently work, and the additional workload pushed me over the edge. I had gone off my anti-psychotic medication about three months ago under the care of my psychiatrist, and I was probably experiencing some difficulty as a result of that. But this week, both of our receptionists were out again, and I was called upon to do 3 jobs at the same time, with students and faculty coming up to me with demands throughout the day. I finally broke on Tuesday and went to my office to cry. Then I pulled myself together and got back to work.

I have worked in abusive work situations like this before, and I am not going to tolerate it. Also, one of the faculty member’s husband made a sexual remark to me at the Christmas party which I didn’t appreciate. I haven’t told anyone, but I don’t like working at my current job anymore. It reminds me of what’s currently going on in Washington, DC, with Trump and all his cronies. Very few women are actually in charge.

So tomorrow my plan is to call several disability attorneys, and to speak with my fiancee about resigning from my current position. The thing that stinks is that I was offered a part-time position in my field last week at a university in the same complex where I currently work! And I turned it down because it would have meant a $10,000 per year pay cut. Lesson learned. It’s important to prioritize mental health over money, especially for those of us who suffer from mental illness.



One thought on “Going through a mini depression

  1. I’m sorry you are going through this! I am glad to hear that you are taking steps to get out of the bad situation. You’re right to prioritize your health over money.


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